$75.00 Labor for diesels
$150.00 Labor for brass steam
$75.00 Bachmann steam
$0.25 per resistor
$2.00 per LED
$1.50 per 1.2mm 1.5v 15ma bulb
$7.00 per Sweet Sound Standard Speaker
$7.00 per Sweet Sound Low/Wide or Low/Narrow Speaker
$7.50 for other standard speakers
$8.50 for High Bass speakers for HO, others are quoted based on cost
$5.00 for simple milling
$10.00 for complex milling
Retail prices for Details West items used for lighting
Decoder pricing 10% plus $1.00 plus $1.00 shipping to Kansas City
Shipping of decoders or locomotives is based upon USPS Flat Rate boxes (Minimum is $6.10)

Additional charges may apply to take into account unforeseen difficulties and/or challenges. Additional charges will be discussed prior to work being performed.